ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection – Cannot consume scoped service

When working with ASP.NET Core and it’s Dependency Injection container, you will likely run into an error that’s similar to this one: Some services are not able to be constructed (Error while validating the service descriptor ‘ServiceType: AspNetCoreDi.IMyConnectionManager Lifetime: Singleton ImplementationType: AspNetCoreDi.MyConnectionManager’: Cannot consume scoped service ‘AspNetCoreDi.IMyScopedService’ from singleton ‘AspNetCoreDi.IMyConnectionManager’.) This happens when you have […]

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JavaScript Collections – Set and Map

 Introduction In this post we will get familiar with two different collections in JavaScript: Set Map In one of the next posts we will also talk about two similar collections: WeakSet WeakMap   They were all introduced to JavaScript spec with ES2015, also known as ES6. Both Map and Set are iterable types. Just like […]

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