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Using Web API only on ASP.NET Core – Without MVC specific stuff
Web API vs MVC MVC and Web API have many things in common. Things like filters, attributes, controllers.  Since MVC[...]
Why you should join .NET Core and ASP.NET Core train
Introduction I have been surprised by the fact that so many people are not aware of Microsoft's open source shift[...]
EntityFramework Core – Add an implementation of IDesignTimeDbContextFactory – Multiple DbContext’s
Introduction We already talked about problem when Entity Framework Core tooling requires you to implement IDesignTimeDbContextFactory<DbContext> - check out this[...]
Entity Framework Core Generic Repository
Introduction Entity Framework Core Generic Repository - Behold! The topic that some people will frown upon. They don't even wanna[...]
ASP.NET Core Configuration – Reloading, Binding, Injecting
Introduction In the last post, we talked about ASP.NET Core Configuration in general. We will see how is it set[...]
ASP.NET Core Configuration
Introduction ASP.NET Core configuration differs greatly from standard ASP.NET. Instead of web.config or any other way to set up the[...]
nameof expression is amazing! Say NO to magic strings!
The nameof expression This is one of many goodnesses that came with C# 6.0. Back in July 2015. I have[...]
Google Analytics Tag Helper Component
Introduction In the last post, we talked about Tag Helper Components and how we can use them to modify existing[...]

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