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Should I learn and start doing ASP.NET Core?

Brief overview: Advantages over Node.js Faster than Node.js, modular as Node.js and much better overall! Faster than Node.js Modular as Node.js Shares middleware concept with Node.js Has built-in, simple and easy to use DI container Better Configuration system Built-in and easily configurable Logging system Better support! Types! Interfaces!? Better language (C# vs JavaScript) Introduction I […]

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EntityFramework Core – Add an implementation of IDesignTimeDbContextFactory – Multiple DbContext’s

Introduction We already talked about problem when Entity Framework Core tooling requires you to implement IDesignTimeDbContextFactory<DbContext> – check out this post. It gets interesting when you have more than one DbContext in your application and you want to add another implementation of IDesignTimeDbContextFactory, without repeating the code and making sure that EF Core tooling picks […]

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