Hire me

I am an independent software developer, consultant, and full-stack developer available for hire.

Here is what I can do for you:

  • Custom software development – I love writing code. In my free time, for money, for others, therefore, I can write code for you. I can work on smaller or more significant projects. I can work in a team or solo.
  • Building and transforming MVPs – Over the last 5 years, I have been a vital part of dozens of projects that launched as MVP. Either by creating them from scratch or transforming existing code-base into usable and production-ready products in short time-frames.
  • Migrations – I have been on the ASP.NET Core / .NET Core train since it was in alpha. I have experience in migrating ASP.NET applications to ASP.NET Core. From smaller ones to enterprise-grade apps.
    • .NET migration to .NET Core
    • ASP.NET Core migration ASP.NET Core.
    • Node.js to ASP.NET Core
  • Software Architecture – Web application architecture, REST
  • Real-time applications – I have a lot of experience working on real-time applications – live communication, notifications, updates, chat systems.
  • Code reviews – Refactoring, decoupling, maintainability, readability, uniformity, modularity, reusability
  • Software Consulting

Why should you hire me?

  • Did I mention I love writing code?
  • I am part of several trusted freelance platforms (ToptalArc()Codementor, Upstack, etc). I am reliable, and I have a lot of experience working remotely.
  • I work openly, transparently, and fast. As a result, you can continuously track the work I deliver.
    • Instead of waiting for months to hear from your team that they finished a feature, we can iterate weekly or bi-weekly, and you can also see concrete results as soon as I (we) complete parts of code. For example, I finish a piece of code, I mark it as done, and a tool would deploy that piece of code on a website in a matter of minutes.
    • We can have daily, weekly, and bi-weekly checkups while still being able to track what tasks/problems are being worked on at any time.
    • Don’t take it the wrong way, everything can be transparent, but I do need to have longer chunks of interrupted times.
    • I can help you have the best results for your business while maintaining optimal quality of code.