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C# 7.1 – New features

Introduction In some of the previous posts we talked about new features in C# 7 and we talked about the usage of nameof expression in C#. In this post, we will talk about new features that came with C# 7.1.  For you to be able to use C# 7.1 features you need to have Visual […]

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C# 7 – reference returns & local references

Introduction In on of the last posts, we talked about some of the big features that came with C# 7. In this post, we will continue on that and we will talk about returning references from functions and storing references inside of local variables. In addition to existing feature where you can pass in the […]

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C# 7 – new features

Introduction C# is a powerful object-oriented language that is very easy to pick-up. The syntax is so simple but there are so many powerful and great features in C#. Some of the amazing features are lambdas, LINQ, generics, interfaces, async/await. They are all powerful concepts and it is a delight to use them with C#. […]

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