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ASP.NET Core Razor Pages – Handler Methods

Introduction In the last post, we talked about Razor Pages. Today we will talk more about handlers. We saw that we could have our code and model either in a .cshtml file or inside of code behind file that matches the .cshtml – .cshtml.cs file. Razor Page Handlers or Handler Methods are a way of connecting user requests […]

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ASP.NET Core Razor Pages – Introduction

Introduction With ASP.NET Core 2 around the corner, the hottest new thing that we are getting is Razor Pages. In one of the previous posts, we briefly mentioned ASP.NET Core Razor Pages. Razor Pages is a new feature of ASP.NET Core that makes coding page-focused scenarios easier and more productive. Initial impression of the public […]

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ASP.NET Core MVC – Caching Tag Helpers

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the ASP.NET Core Tag Helpers series

 Introduction Caching can significantly improve our application load time and responsiveness. What can we cache with cache Tag Helpers? Well, we cache HTML content. We usually cache content that does not change frequently. In one of the previous posts, we talked about Tag Helpers. We saw what Tag Helpers do, how we can use them […]

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